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How to Shop for Plates!

PlatesThere are a lot of components that make a great plate and for the uninitiated it can be a daunting task to wade through all of the options. Sound like you? We’ve got you covered! This guide will give the know how to figure out which plates will best fit your needs (or at least get you to where you can ask the questions you need to to get there!).
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Sneak Peek: PowerDyne Reactor Neo Plates



PowerDyne has made a surprising move to kick off 2016 by phasing out the very popular Rival Plate and offering in its stead the new Reactor Neo Plate. The Neo does make quite a few notable design and material changes from its predecessor but the attractive price point and competitive advantage remain. Read more

New Year, New Skates: DW Skate Buying Guide

Derby Skates

Derby Skates target skaters who are participating in Roller Derby over those skating for leisure, and are built to take more of a beating. Of course, there is always someone that shows up to their first practice in a pair of Disco skates putted out of the 70s, but it can be hard to figure out what you need! This article is to get you on the right path to the perfect skate. Read more

Santa’s Secret Helper: DW’s Gift Guides

DW Gift Guide

Have a derby mate in your life that you are looking for the perfect present for? Maybe you are the derby star and need someplace to send your friends and family for gift ideas. Either way we have you covered! We’ve compiled a list of gifts for any budget and for everyone who has been nice…and naughty! Read more

Summer Street Skating Basics

Outdoor skates

Derby folk are always ready for a good skate but with the great days of summer time ahead the streets are practically begging for us! Here in San Luis Obispo we have some great beachside trails but even if you’re landlocked, street skating is a great team bonding activity that is a lot of fun and great exercise. Before hitting the asphalt though, there’s a few products and tips that can help optimize your fun in the sun.

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A Derby Fairytale

I remember standing in line for what seemed like (and probably was) hours at RollerCon trying to get into a class. Waiting with excitement and anticipation to absorb all the knowledge that was surely going to teach me how to be a superstar. Now, humbled and still excited, I watch as there are skaters lining up and waiting to get into MY classes and absorb MY derby knowledge. This little skater who couldn’t even stay up on her skates is now a coach at RollerCon…it’s crazy! Read more

Why I Love RollerCon (and Why You Will Too!)

My first RollerCon was in 2006. I had just signed up with my league and tagged along with some of the girls that were going. I had an old skateboarding helmet so I bought a pair of $15 Chicago skates, a $10 pack of gear from Wal-Mart, and a 99 cent mouthguard from Big 5 Sporting Goods. I really had no idea that THIS is what I was getting myself into…

Dressed to impress at the Black N Blue Ball

Dressed to impress at the Black N Blue Ball 2012

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RollerCon 2015

Now is the time to start preparing for RollerCon and we are here to help! 2015 brings with it a lot of changes to this Mecca of roller derby and we are excited to see what is to come. In the next month, you can check back here for advice on what gear to bring, what we expect (or hope) will be announced, advice from RollerCon vets and other general excitement. To kick this series off, continue reading for a look into RollerCon past and what makes this 10th anniversary so special. Read more

Derby Warehouse 30 Day Balance Challenge

DW Challenge Balance

Our fitness challenge this  month takes some relatively ‘simple’ every day exercises and uses modified versions that really focus and enhance balance. Balance is obviously key in roller derby (or any activity on wheels, for that matter), but is often overlooked in favor of strength or cardiovascular workouts. This month’s 30-day challenge aims to improve strength AND balance!

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Sneak Peek – Remodeled 2015 Antik Boots

Antik All

Grn Mnstr and Roller Derby have had a love affair for nearly 10 years. With a streak like that it’s easy to say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” but let’s face it, sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit and add a little spice! Well, Grn Mnstr is bringin’ the heat with their soon ship 2015 revamped boots, your move derby world! Want to get to know what’s gotten into these new Antik boots? Read on! Dare you not to drool.

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